Brand Matching Heads & Shafts, Yes You Should Be!

You hear it a-lot, it’s seen on the field, ones freedom in “making that sweet combo,” or “mix-n-match,” is something growing among younger generation lacrosse players. A parent or player walks into a lacrosse shop and buys a Warrior EVO 4 head and goes home to put it on their “favorite shaft” is common.  When it comes down to it, match it with the same brand. You may be arguing well this or that company doesn’t offer what I like, or I want a custom stick, all great points hands down. What players/coaches fail to know by doing this, is you are not MAXIMIZING your new head’s potential! MLL Pros, Product Reps, and very good players will back me on this, and there is science behind it. Each and every lax head on the market if its STX/Warrior/Maverick etc. designs there shafts around there heads, and vice versa. When any head or shaft is made, a company matches it to a shaft, so you get a balanced weapon. Putting a strong head on a weak shaft sometimes makes no sense, but it could surprise you to know that if its both the same brand the company will ALWAYS STAND BEHIND IT. Why do you think when you go to lacrosse shop you see complete sticks like a Nike Legacy on a Nike Vandal.  Both go hand in hand as far as weight, durability, but moreover they compliment each other. It’s the same with why they sell Warrior Revolution 2.0 heads on a Titanium Classic shaft, they balance.  Most people buy by preference, but overlook the fact of brand matching. Below you will find some tips that support this argument.

  1. Warrior Evolution 4, designed for offense in the MLL,  by popularity is 94% matched with the Krypto-Pro Diamond Shaft, both compliment each other and balance perfectly. You got a strong head and an equally strong shaft.
  2. Ever wonder why some heads never seem to FIT RIGHT and WABBLE, that brings up my whole point really on the fact that heads are designed around there OWN shafts, for perfect fit, balance, and certain playabilities.
  3. Technology: Companies are constantly coming out with new technology and putting it into there product, if it’s a head by Warrior like the new defensive beast, Revolution 3.  Yeah that’s super strong and beefy, matching it with a suitable shaft (Titanium/KPRO/Scandium) by Warrior will give you added piece of mind.
  4. If you don’t believe me already, prove me wrong, but it will be hard if you are matching brands. Companies aren’t trying to give you the run around, they want to be able to help you get the best out of your stick, build it around the same brand and you won’t go wrong.

Some very popular yet cost-efficient head and shaft combos, that are GREAT!

Brine Clutch X – Brine Swizzbeat

Warrior Evolution – Warrior Kryptolite/Pro

STX Super Power – STX Scandium Pro

Maverik Metrik – Maverick Wonder boy

Nike Lakota U – Nike Vandal

Gait Torque – Gait Ice

Top 3 Combos, in my opinion:

Warrior Evo-4 on a Warrior K-PRO Diamond (Warrior’s #1 selling combo)

Nike Lakota U on a Nike Vandal (Sweet Combo, Light and Strong)

Brine Clutch Elite on a Brine Swizzle Scandium (Very Popular)

This article was written by guest blogger Nick.  Let us know your thoughts below.

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    Can a Lakota u fit on a epoch dragonfly gen4 d pole

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