DMG Mesh Review

We were lucky enough to get our hands on some DMG Mesh. We were given a solid white piece, as well as two addition multiple colored pieces. More to come on them later.

The piece of white mesh that I strung up started as a Stringer Shack Ultralight piece of mesh, before DMG transformed it into their DMG Wax Mesh. The first thing I noticed was there was no smell to the mesh. I have tried some other wax meshes and the smell is over powering. The mesh was not sticky and it did not flake as I strung the mesh into my stick. I choose to string the mesh into a factory pink Gait Torque. The mesh stretched out easily and broke in nicely.

After stringing the rest of the pocket and the shooters I tossed around with the stick to see how the mesh was and how it would break in. At first the mesh seemed a little softer then expected after tossing around with it for a bit. Over time that has changed and the pocket has keep it’s shape and size. The pocket does not bag out and doesn’t need to be tightened after stretching or after using it for bit. This being New England I can’t wait to try it out in either rain or snow and see how DMG mesh really holds up. We highly recommend DMG mesh, try it out for yourself. DMG Mesh Website

Keep it tuned here for the reviews and pictures of the other pieces of mesh we got from DMG.

Here are some pictures of the Pink Torque I strung with the white DMG Mesh