Why I Play Box Lacrosse

After watching Lax.com’s “One on One with Colin Doyle”, I realized he touched on a big point that hit home with me. To hear Colin’s perspective about the box game and the hopes for the future of the sport is really interesting. Colin talks about Americans starting to play box after they graduate college and always seem to say,“Man I wish this (Box Lacrosse) was around when I was a kid”!! This is exactly how I feel about the box game.

I graduated college in 2011 after playing my four years as a defensemen at Salem State University. I continued to play, but Men’s Leagues were not doing it for me. So in the fall of 2012, a year after I graduated, I reached out to Chuck Jaffe and Randy Fraser at Boson Box Lacrosse League. I got picked up by Dan Hare’s Orphans with open arms and haven’t looked back since. It took some adjusting and a few hard slides to realize this wasn’t field anymore. With the help of this league I’ve been able to translate my field game into box while rekindling my competitive edge.

I started playing lacrosse when I was younger for one main reason, to stay in shape for hockey. My freshman year of college I fell in love with the sport and box lacrosse has brought that passion for the game. In the end, just as Colin said, I wish box was around when I was younger. It’s a great game and can help translate into field as well as other sports. Do not be surprised to see box lacrosse growing in your area soon!

Video courtesy Lax.com