Catching Up with ChilLax

How is C2 doing since last Q&A? ex. Growing, working with new people and or trying different avenues to make the company better..

I almost don’t know where to start! It actually hasn’t even been a full year, but it seems like ages ago since the last Q&A. I’ll try to make it short and sweet.

So, I’ll start with the addition of our new Intern/Business Developer, Ayce Cochran, who joined us shortly after our last Q&A, roughly 6 months ago. She has been one of the major driving forces for this company (aside from my mother of course! lol), and has ultimately helped reach out, bridge some gaps, and create a few partnerships with other growing companies. She cued us in to Tako Grip, a universal, high friction sports grip tape, founded by elite pole-vaulter Michael Seaman from Knoxville, Tennessee. Then she helped us collaborate with Alpha Lacrosse, which most of you may know or have heard of. They produce the lightest and strongest composite shafts on the market. We are currently working on designing our own shafts, decals, flex, etc. Definitely keep your eyes out for that!

My good buddy, Josh “Chewy” Acut, who runs the GTL: Grow Texas Lacrosse Tour, got in touch with me a few months back with an awesome idea. Dan, I know you were a part of the Red Bull Series, so we decided to start The Texas Baggataway Series; something completely different from how the game is played today. The idea is to take it back to the roots a little, and still have fun with the game, even though we might not be able to punish the opponent as much as we’d like. It will definitely take some time getting acquainted to the different rules and setup, but it should make for a great experience no matter what. I wanted to go big and traditional themed for our team uniforms, so I hit up my man Justin Lappen of Fourteen Graphics to get the job done right. We talked on the phone for a while, one thing led to another, and now Fourteen Graphics and ChilLAX Customs are proud partners with each other! They’re helping out big time with the whole upcoming tournament, so a big thanks to them over there! We are working on some cool deals to offer you guys, so be sure to stay updated. We will also have some tournament t-shirts for sale in the near future made by Fourteen Graphics to help support the cause, and ultimately fundraise for fees such as the field/facility, refs, etc. Our first scheduled tournament is set for Nov. 2nd & 3rd, at Wurstfest in New Braunfels, Tx. Wurstfest is a German sausage and beer festival, and we actually got word from the committee that it will officially be named “The Wurstfest Lacrosse Invitational”… Pretty rad! Future dates will be posted on the Texas Baggataway Series Facebook page, as well as our ChilLAX Customs Baggataway team page, so be sure to check them out and stay up to date!

ChilLax Baggataway Uniforms
ChilLax Baggataway Uniforms

Other than that, word has spread about our mesh in the NCAA ranks, as well as the pro box ranks in Canada, finally! A few guys at Albany, such as Ty Thompson, are using our mesh. Randy Staats, who’s attending Syracuse this year, has been spotted with our mesh. I’m also stringing a few sticks for Nic Grasby from Ontario, who plays professional indoor for the Durham TurfDogs in the Canadian Lacrosse League. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how well they all do this season, seeing how well the mesh performs, as well as receiving some feedback! I plan on making a trip up to NY during the season, just so I can see some of the action myself. Maybe the SU vs. UAlbany game would be a good week?! On that note, we are also aiming on getting out to some major tournaments in order to get some exposure, introduce our product to people who may not have heard of us yet, and let our faces be known to the public! In addition, we’ve amped up our formula since the last piece you got from us. It’s definitely something you’ll have to check out and compare to what else is on the market. After all, this game is all about options and preferences, so that’s what we offer, a different mesh alternative!

We have been told you have a new wax formula! C2 2.0?! How is the new formula different than the last?

That is correct! Our last formula was a pretty simple based mixture, and although it still performed great, it just wasn’t cutting it… It did flake occasionally, and was a bit “harder” in texture. I had to take it back to the drawing board for this one, and there was a lot of R&D that went into everything. After tons of research, countless errors, and precise measurements, we finally discovered the perfect elements and ratios to put together to create a solid formula. I wanted to create something that had longevity and functionality, while not sacrificing the characteristics or shortening the overall life of the mesh. We dubbed it #XMESH, because it’s the ultimate X-factor, plain and simple.

How does #XMESH compare to other wax mesh out there? Such as Throne, EastCoast Dyes, Gold Mesh.

Well, I haven’t messed around much with others and compared them. I’ve seen and felt a few pieces of each, but never played with, or strung a piece. With that being said, I have to go with the fans out there, and pull some feedback from our social media outlets:

“I really like your mesh. The coating is just a little tacky and it doesn’t make your hands all sticky when you string it..” -Andrew M.

“Its soft, easy to break in and has great performance..” -@Jerseystringz

“I like the dye, it doesn’t fade away… the wax feel is similar to ECM which I like. It strings up super easy. The dye job is super clean… holds its shape pretty well..” -@headcaselacrossestringing

“This mesh is the best wax mesh. It is tacky, but not too tacky, so just the right amount of grip. The colors are also pretty sick on this thing.” -Alec B

It’s also been said to be “less sticky/tacky than ECD, which doesn’t wear away quickly, and it’s softer than Throne, yet holds its pocket shape.” -Sean S.

Connor Wilson said he “likes that it didn’t “stiffen” up, or harden in the cold.” On that note, it also doesn’t change, or get soft in the heat, and trust me on that because Texas gets REALLY toasty! It doesn’t “flake” like others out there either… So, when people ask me that question, it’s hard to explain sometimes. Ultimately, I just tell them it’s something you have to try before you knock it. That’s essentially how everyone discovers their “preference” in life. You have to try it yourself instead of just listening to what others say… Although, it does help when you get good reviews for people to refer to for aiding their decision! Everyone seems to be able to get away with the sharpie/marker dye jobs, we’ve even seen a few screen printed attempts out there. We don’t do that over here, thats why you’ll notice we have full color in our mesh (no white spots) and no bleeding. So to end on that note, it all essentially comes down to a formula “battle”, and which one you prefer… Quality or quantity?

C2 is getting into leathers, trads, and variations with leathers and mesh. Do you prefer to play with any particular one? Which is your favorite to string and why?

Yeah, a little less than a year ago, I was requested to assist Greg Rose through his stringing workshops, while he was in TX. It wasn’t until then that I learned how to string, and it took me a few tries to get it right! Since then, I’ve really tried to take off and see how creative I can get with the traditionals. That in turn led me to the recent “trad-mesh” pocket I strung, inspiration from a picture I saw off of Ty Thompson’s Instagram. I honestly don’t have a preference. Over the years I’ve really developed a nice “mesh” pocket, although I would say that you can get a lot more hold/whip with a traditional, and not sacrifice your throwing abilities. I like mesh, because it’s consistent, as long as everything is symmetrical… then again, so is a nice trad as long as you get all of the tension points correct in each spot, but it calls for more attention and can be “moody” at times. Mesh is awesome to string, and I love getting a mean channel in it and tossing before I put the shooters in. It’s a feeling of future success in the works! Trads are a different ball game and they can be tough and tedious at first, but if you do it right, once you punch that sucker in, it’s an equally amazing feeling of accomplishment. If you’ve ever strung one, you know all the time, prepping, and thought that went into it all. I’m afraid it’s gonna be a tie though, I keep both on me at all times.. Thats like asking, which one of your kids you like better?!

Lastly, what should the lax community be seeing from C2 in the near future? Any big projects in the pipe line?!

Just Growing the Game!! There are too many ideas and projects-in-progress to even list, but we don’t want to give anything away before it’s polished and ready to go. We’re just trying to be different, and keep it interesting over here. Just thankful to be where we are at today, and can’t wait to show you guys what we have in store for the future! Thanks a lot guys, hope you enjoy the goodies!