Redline Lacrosse

This past summer I was at a lacrosse-recruiting tournament in Amherst, MA and came across the Redline Lacrosse tent. A member of the staff, Carl Starkey, began to demonstrate and dive into the concept and ideas behind their new product. They have created a carbon lacrosse shaft for the type of player, not the position!

Carl from Redline
Carl from Redline

I left the tournament really thinking about this company and did some research. I recalled seeing Greg Gurenlian talk about his new Redline shaft on Instagram. This immediately caught my eye; I had to get more information on this new company. I ended up talking with Carl in great length numerous times about the company, the idea behind the shafts, and the products themselves.

Redline Lacrosse begins on the second floor of a boat repair shop in suburban Minnesota. Charlie Igo and Carl Starkey, two athletes in their mid-twenties looking to change the way the lacrosse community thinks about product quality and functionality of their handles. Charlie got his start behind the scenes of an industry leading cycling company, developing the manufacturing process for carbon fiber rims. Carl began his path to Redline on the field of a MCLA lacrosse team. With Charlie in the shop prototyping and manufacturing – Carl hit the road to introduce the community through coaching and tournaments presence. Redline now boasts an expanded facility, increased support and a robust athlete lineup.

The technology behind each handle is where Redline separates itself from its competitors. They work with carbon by hand, giving each layer its own specific job in order to develop a stick that is tailored to players with different playing mechanics. This allows certain characteristics of a player’s game to be magnified as they trust their tools and focus on their game. For example, a crease attackman would be looking for a strong rigid shaft, and minimal flex while an outside shot attackman would be looking for a handle that has whip and allowing for increased torque behind the shot. A LSM would want a lightweight stick with no whip to ensure that every pass/shot is tracking. A defenseman could use either a strong reinforced shaft to help push players away or one that is durable but has a little flex to help with slap checking. Or a FOGO that has a high flex point at the top for a spring loaded effect to help with plunging. Instead of making a few shafts to generalize the positions, they broke down the needs for players to succeed on the field.

Charlie from Redline
Charlie from Redline

Redline Lacrosse is a US company through and through. They use all domestic supplies and every piece of the tool has been built in house. This not only helps stimulate local economy but, more importantly, gives Charlie maximum control over the entire manufacturing process. Redline gives the athlete a 12 month warranty under their shaft. To test out their products and help market they signed 14 athletes to help continue to grow and promote the company. There are some big names listed below:


Greg Gurenlian – Lizards (MLL)- FO

Jerry Ragonese – Lizards (MLL)- FO

Chris Mattes – Hounds (MLL)- FO

Jay Card – MN Swarm (NLL)- F

Simon Giourmetakis – Ed. Rush (NLL)- F

Dan Hettler – Rhode Island Kingfish (NALL)- F

Graham Bergsma – Oakville Rock (MSL)- T

Justin Pychel – Stealth/Brock U (NLL)- D

Todd Baxter – MN Swarm (NLL)- F

Forrest MacConnell – Lees McRea (NCAA)- M

Derin Vacca – Lees McRea (NCAA)- M

Jordy McManus – MN Lakers (MCLC)- A

Ben Mayo – Chicago Outlaws (CILL)- T

Robbie Trainor – Marist – D


All in all Redline Lacrosse makes custom shafts for top level athletes and in turn sells them to the lacrosse community. With a great concept and marketing strategy I wouldn’t be surprised to see Redline making big strides in the upcoming seasons. Be on the lookout for Redline Lacrosse!