3D MVP Lacrosse

Help make a NEW LACROSSE VIDEOGAME for iphones, ipads and Android devices!

3D MVP Lacrosse is a new 3D lacrosse game we’re developing for iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices.

Its core gameplay puts you and a teammate against two defenders and a goalie in a series of quick single-player matches.

You can jump in to play a Pick-Up Match or create a player in Career Mode and compete for titles and trophies. Between matches you’ll spend your winnings on new moves and stat-enhancing equipment, and play unique training challenges to improve skills like your endurance and accuracy. The game’s controls are easy to use and are designed for mobile and tablet gameplay, with built-in support for game controllers.

We’ve been making some good progress but there’s still a lot to be done, and we won’t be able to finance the entire game on our own…

We have the skills to make this game, but completely self-funding it is too big a risk for a small studio like ours, which is why we came to Kickstarter. Your investment reduces our risk dramatically, and allows us to focus on creating something really fun that rewards everyone who pitched in to make it happen. Talk about teamwork!

But we only have 30 DAYS TO REACH OUR GOAL, or it won’t happen!

So if you’d like to see this game, please help us with our campaign and tell your friends before time runs out!

If you love lacrosse and videogames, we want to make this game for you!

We think lacrosse is an amazing sport that still hasn’t come close to reaching its full potential in videogames. With help from people like you, we’re going to build a great game that brings all the fun and energy of real life lacrosse straight to your phones and mobile devices.

A success with this campaign is an instant win-win, because we get to make this game and you get to play it – but beyond that, it will prove that there is indeed a market, and provide us with the foundation for our next project: a full 10-on-10 lacrosse game based on the gameplay we’re creating here.

To help us get there, please contribute, and then share this page with your teammates, coaches, friends and family, come find us on Facebook, tweet, blog and do whatever you can to get the word out about our campaign. We really appreciate it!

We’ve already got players and gamers of all ages on board to help us capture the thrill and excitement of real life lacrosse – and we can’t wait to hear from you too!

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