DMG Lacrosse Mesh

DMG Lacrosse Mesh is a local company based here in Massachusetts. Nick Yanakakis started DMG in 2004; Nick is the founder and sole employee of DMG Lacrosse Mesh. He got his start stringing sticks for friends, then he began posting how-to’s on YouTube and it progressed from there. Nick gives credit to his mentor and friend Marty Bulhoes, he says “before I started this, Marty was the one who showed me the basic’s on stringing and taught me so many ways to do different things.” Then he began to create a quality wax mesh because he wasn’t satisfied with what was on the market. Nick is self taught in the world of wax mesh, and he has his own special recipe. Besides creating wax mesh, he also dyes his mesh. He is able to create 1 color, 2 color and multi color dyes. If there is a design you want I am sure he can create it. He even dyes goalie mesh as well.

The base for DMG Lacrosse Mesh is Jimalax and Stringer’s Shack. He uses Jimalax 15mm and Stringer’s Shack Ultra Light 20mm, as well as 12/20 diamond Jimalax goalie mesh. As you will notice DMG Lacrosse Mesh is lower priced than the other companies on the market. For white mesh it is only $11, while a 1-color dye is $13 and a 2-color dye is $15. That is not a bad price increment. While on the goalie mesh it is $23 for white mesh, while a 1-color dye is $25 and a 2-color dye is $27. Also, DMG Lacrosse Mesh tosses in a free string kit with each piece of mesh ordered. If you are looking for a custom dyed head or string job, DMG Lacrosse Mesh can do that as well. He has a good size gallery of the heads he has strung up and dyed for other customers on his website and on his YouTube channel DMG18T.

Besides creating wax mesh and stringing heads, DMG Lacrosse Mesh also gives back to the community. He has donated his time to numerous youth organizations showing the kids how to string heads, as well as made raffle donations (custom heads and shafts) and give aways for those same youth organizations. Nick mentioned that he has even been known to send along a handle with a custom dyed head or string job at no cost also he has given away numerous heads to those that need them. He truly loves the game of lacrosse and wants to help others. Nick is always talking with other stick doctors to increase his knowledge. Nick was featured this summer on IL Gear, he created a batman inspired dye on an Under Armour Unleashed U. DMG Mesh Batman Dye He wants to constantly get better and add new ideas to his stick stringing knowledge. Go check out his YouTube page and see for yourself.

Keep it tuned here for more about DMG Lacrosse Mesh. We will have some reviews of his mesh in the near future.