CONNECTLAX.COM acquires and Lacrosse Enthusiasts Join Forces!, the leader in private lacrosse instruction, has acquired LAXTrainers was founded by Connecticut-natives Harley Brown and Jack Vaughan, and operates as a lacrosse-targeted search engine to help players find private instructors. LAXTrainers’ instructors will join ConnectLAX and the largest network of private instructors in the US. Harley will be joining the ConnectLAX team to build on their health and nutrition blogging platform and social media strategies.

Harley and Jack felt that by combining with ConnectLAX, they could help their instructors connect with more players looking for private lessons. They were also attracted to how ConnectLAX, who operates the biggest camp directory in the country in addition to private lessons, is combining these services with a soon-to-launch recruiting service. Having recently gone through the recruiting experience, they saw the need and benefit of helping high school students find the right college fit. “We want to help lacrosse players find success, just as we did.” Harley and Jack explain. “The college recruiting process is unfolding before these athletes can even enjoy high school. We believe ConnectLAX can help alleviate the stress that we remember so vividly. It’s a game, and it should always be fun.”

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“We believe college is a 40-year, not a 4-year decision but we understand that can be difficult to understand as a high school underclassman under pressure to commit.” Explains Gage Mersereau, co-founder of ConnectLAX. “We can’t remove the stress from this accelerated recruiting process, but by organizing over 1,350 collegiate lacrosse programs and allowing players and parents to search them based on athletic, academic, social and financial parameters, we hope they can find programs that are good matches on and off the field.” In addition to helping find the right college, ConnectLAX will provide recruits with a free recruiting profile to engage coaches at their target colleges. Recruits will also have access to the ConnectLAX Recruiting Handbook, which guides lacrosse players through today’s recruiting landscape. With better information and practical advice, ConnectLAX hopes players and parents can avoid some of the negative byproducts of today’s accelerated recruiting process, including a rise in transfers at the college level. is a website developed to help boys and girls elevate their game. Players can connect with lacrosse instructors in their community for individual or small group instruction and find camps, clinic, tournaments and more in their area. ConnectLAX is completely free for instructors to use, all of whom base a background check to be listed on the service. ConnectLAX is the one-stop site for private lessons, camps and recruiting. You can follow on Twitter / Instagram (@connectlax) and on Facebook (