Looking Back at Cape Ann Classic 2013

The 2013 Cape Ann Classic put on by Metro Lacrosse is always a great tournament. Held at Raymond Fields in Ipswich, MA, nicely groomed grass fields await us every year. All donations and proceeds go directly toward Metro Lacrosse, which is a “a non-profit organization whose mission is to address the social and economic disparities that exist in urban settings by inspiring personal, educational and athletic success among urban youth and teens.”

This tournament is my favorite of the local summer lacrosse tournaments for a few reasons. Not only are the fields amazing, it’s for a good cause, but you get to see a lot of great lacrosse played and hang with your friends. The competition is at its best and players bring it for the last tournament. Being the last tournament of the summer circuit that we play, it’s always a let down to know that summer is officially over in our eyes after Cape Ann.

This year our bracket was just the same story from the other tourneys, not fairing well in our favor. We were paired up against HGR Lacrosse, North Shore, D5 Bassmasters. Our first game at 10am was against HGR Lacrosse. The majority of the team we had played against in other leagues and I’ve been fortunate enough to run with a few guys in Boston Box Lacrosse League and the North American Lacrosse League. We came out trying to withstand the offensive heavy team, but they were connecting early and often. They made the right passes and got the open looks to win with easy by more than 5 at least.

Second game was against North Shore. A well groomed veteran team with a good amount still left in the tank. Playing in numerous leagues around the area you get familiar with players and there styles, these guys moved the ball and would dodge from anywhere. They got the right match ups and put the ball away. At half time we were only down by 1 or 2. Per usual we were not a second half team and could not withstand the pressure, falling to North Shore by more than a half dozen goals.

Our last game of the day and of the 2013 summer tournament circuit. We were matched up against D5 Bassmasters. We had nothing to lose and just went out there to finish with some fun. It was back and forth throughout the entire game. I think because of the beat down all summer that we finally got fed up and played with a chip on our shoulder. No more lackadaisical and non-team lacrosse. This game down to timely goals and our goalie, standing on his head. We ended up putting away a goal away under two minutes to take the lead. They didn’t give putting one off the pipe and then a final shot that was stopped by the net minder as time expired. We had finally got the W we had been looking for. Not a pretty win, but still a win. We had ended on a high note while having some fun and that’s what matters.