Looking Back at Surf n Turf 2013

As the summer is officially winding down and fall is creeping in, we take a look back at Surf N Turf 2013 put on by CroArt Sports. Surf N Turf is always a great tournament right outside the city. It gives you lax during the day and restaurants and bars by night. The best of both worlds when you get everyone together.

This was Veloci Laxers second tournament of the summer. The first tournament didn’t go as we had hoped, but I was hoping this one would have a better outcome. I signed us up for the Men’s Division A. We were grouped against three power houses and teams that have been around much longer than us: LIGAS, Pimp Shrimp and MegaMen.

Saturday August 17 turned out to be a beautiful sunny day in South Boston, perfect lacrosse weather. Our first game was at 9am vs. LIGAS. LIGAS are comprised mostly of Merrimack College alumni. First game of the day and we came out with probably our best team effort. Defense and goalie were connecting and offense was putting the ball away. It was back and forth. The LIGAS were definitely low on numbers at 9am, so we tried to take advantage, but couldn’t capitalize in the final couple of minutes. We ended with an 8-9 loss. It was a great game; we just couldn’t put it all together down the stretch.

Our next game was at 11am against Pimp Shrimp, a team that we have seen in previous tournaments and never been able to beat. These guys had played together in college and really knew how to work well together. Once again, we started off well in the first half, but started to fall apart in the second half. Simple mistakes hurt us, whether it was missed assignments on D or missed passes on O, we just couldn’t click. We fell to the Pimp Shrimp 10-4.

With our last game of the day at 1pm against the powerhouse Megamen the majority of guys on the team were not too optimistic. Megamen stacked with Cannons players and all around studs, it was an uphill battle from the start. They were getting open looks from everywhere on the field and never hesitated to shoot. Our goalie did the best he could, but getting ripped on all game is never easy when it’s a shooting gallery. It was an embarrassing loss, ending with a score of 15-2.

This tournament did not pan out well for us. I bumped us up to the A Division because last year in the B Division we ended up playing a U-18 team, which was a waste. I was hoping we could hang, but it just didn’t seem to work. That was on me. On a high note, enjoying adult beverages, playing KAN JAM, watching great lacrosse, and having a blast with your friends at the tournament and after party is always a good time. The games didn’t turn out as we had hoped, but at least we had some fun.