Veloci Laxers at Cape Cod Classic

As my body is finally healing up we take a look back at this year’s Cape Cod Classic. Greg Clements, Cape Cod director, pulled out all the stops even with the rain and flooding during Saturday.

Getting down to the Cape is always an adventure. We left bright and early around 6:30am for our first game at 9am. Due to heavy rains and flooding the night before we were stuck in traffic for a few hours, but thankfully the games all got delayed an hour.

First game started at 10am against the Bass Masters. As our guys slowly arrived we began with real low numbers. We’ve played against the Bass Masters in the past and they always work the ball around and continue to dodge, dump, and rotate. For a post collegiate defensemen, it brings back the college days. Their quick start and low numbers did not pair well for us. At half it was already 6-0, Bass Masters. Our first game together this summer and by the end of the game we had only netted a few and withstood a few more quality goals. The final ended at 12-3, and not the best of starts for the Veloci Laxers.

Game two was against the power house Team Shocker. Two weeks prior they were tournament champions at Cradle for a Cause. We’ve seen them play and played against a lot of the guys in field and/or box. Solid from D to O and one of the tallest and best goalies of the tournament. At half it was 3-1 Team Shocker. As we looked for our second half surge, the Shockers came with as well. The final ended up at 8-3.

Game three and final game of the day was against Whale Tail. Morale was not too high, but we were optimistic on finishing strong. Both goalies were huge in this game for their respective teams, coming up with big 1-on-1 saves numerous times. We battled back and forth, but they edged us 7-3. Making the first day of lacrosse 0-3 for Veloci Laxers.

One of the great parts about the Cape Cod Classic is even if your team does not play well Day 1 there is still hope on Day 2. Greg puts together a “Bottom Feeders” Championship and basically the loser bracket plays for its own championship. It’s not just a regular consolation game on Sunday but rather a game to play for. We got matched up to Caddilax. Once again we battled back and forth the first half and ran out of gas in the second. With a final at 9-5, it did not end well in wins and losses columns. But, it was a great weekend of lacrosse. We did not play as well as we hoped and low numbers usually do not play to your advantage. Surf ‘n Turf is our next tournament and I think we’ll have a much better outing. As always it was a blast and we just want to thank Greg for putting on an awesome tournament.

at Cape Cod Classic
at Cape Cod Classic