Sit Down with Fourteen Graphics

We had a chance to sit down with Justin Lappen, founder of Fourteen Graphics. Fourteen Graphics is a new age graphics and service company. They are based out of Connecticut and did a ton of custom lacrosse gear this spring for college and high school teams across the region. Fourteen Graphics did helmet decals, shooters, reversibles and shorts for a number of teams this spring. Here is our sit down with Justin.

NELaxBlog: What is your lacrosse background?

JLappen: I started playing back in 2003 and continued on throughout high school. I finished high school lacrosse being a two-year captain, three-year varsity midfielder, two-year All-Conference and two-year All-State. After school I went on to play lacrosse at Kean University in Union, NJ where I played four years as a face-off midfielder. During my time at Kean I was named captain my senior year and set an NCAA record for the fastest goal from the start of the game and followed that goal with a second which tied the previous fastest back to back goals. After graduating I took my company on full time and have been playing summer tournaments and leagues to get my lacrosse fill.

NELaxBlog: How did you get involved in graphics/designing logos and clothing?

JLappen: During high school I took a graphic communications class which sparked my interest in printing and designing shirts and apparel. I took notice to how quickly I was able to pick up new techniques and pursued graphic communications in college.

NELaxBlog: What made you decide to branch out and start Fourteen Graphics?

JLappen: It was during high school that I had friends and family ask me to print them orders for shirts and I noticed I could excel at this. So with some self taught lessons and determination “Lappen Shirts and Signs” was formed. After about a month and a lot of poking fun from peers I later changed the name to Fourteen Graphics. Fourteen has been my lucky number since I can remember so I thought it was only fitting that if I created an athletic based apparel company I should pay tribute to my athletic past.

NELaxBlog: What will separate Fourteen Graphics from the competition?

JLappen: Fourteen Graphics strives to be at the top of the pack in quality, not only with material but also the design, and service. I know as I organized team orders in high school it was a pain to have to order from three or four different companies just to get our team gear. Its our goal to be able to service any team or club with anything they may need. If a team needs a tent or banner we want them to come to us so they don’t have to send logos out to different companies and track each order separately. When they order uniforms, apparel and banners they only need to know that Fourteen Graphics is taking care of them.

NELaxBlog: What does the future hold for Fourteen Graphics? Anything big in the pipeline?

JLappen: As time goes on we are expanding our sublimated apparel into other sports such as soccer, basketball and hockey. Once we have expanded to the different sports with a large enough impact we will be setting up our own headquarters with all sublimated production done in house. This will allow for quicker turnarounds and for more custom apparel to be created.

Keep an eye out NE Lax Blog shorts being created by Fourteen Graphics.