My Experience at the LXM Pro/ Adrenaline All American Games

Hello all you lacrosse lovers! I recently attended the LXM Pro/ Adrenaline All American Game, and it was amazing! I was, however, a tad disappointed about the attendance of the All American Game. The parking lot was packed when I arrived, but after the LXM game was finished (a very close game, resulting in a 1 point victory for team STX), the crowd had thinned considerably. That was a shame, as the All American Game was incredibly well played; the highlight of the game. Still, I had a great time!

Let me say that my first impression of the event was not good. As I entered, I was faced with three lines with signs labeling them as Will Call. I walked around for fifteen minutes before I was told that ticket holders also entered through the Will Call line. With ten minutes to the opening faceoff of the LXM Pro game, I felt like my stomach was collapsing on itself, yet there were no booths yet open for food. No biggie, though, I decided to head over to ‘Vendor’s Village’ and check out what goods they had for sale. As I walked around, I kept bumping into young players that think they’re the next Paul Rabil, looking down on any kid without Adrenaline socks and no stick in hand (namely me, who didn’t want to look like an enormous poser). I visited the meager supply of retailers (the Adrenaline trailer, an STX booth, and a Champion booth), and decided to head to my seat. Well, that was when the whole night changed for the better. I watched as STX scored, quickly followed by a Team Maverik United goal. The game went on like this until Team STX won by a single point. After this victory, there was an autograph session with the teams that lasted well into the second quarter of the All American game, leaving the stands rather barren. While I felt bad for America’s top high school players, I had an excellent view of the game. I leaned over the railings and listened in on the conversation the North Team coaches were having, and got to see the players up close. The game started out as a wildcard matchup, but the South quickly took control of the game, defeating the North Team. I was so excited that I was able to experience such an intense game. The gamesmanship of the teams I watched not only made up for my poor first impression, it inspired me to become a better player so I could eventually rise to the level of play exhibited from the players I saw.

This article was written by new blogger Parker.  Let us know your thoughts below.