LXM vs. MLL: Are We Still Arguing?

For quite a while now, there has been a lot of talk about MLL players joining the LXM tour because they are not man enough to play in the Big League. I have to say, that’s simply not true! If people think being tough is making statistically less than minimum wage, then be my guest. If anything, LXM players are braver then MLL players, because they are joining a league that is not established, could crash the very next year, and is very new to the market. A study showed that pro LAX players made an average of about $13,000 (that’s excluding big name players like Rabil). While no studies have been taken, I am assuming that LXM Tour players must make marginally more than MLL players, and for one reason: Location. The MLL is restrained to a few states where the teams are based, and that is all, while the LXM Tour can go wherever they please, and are able to gain a larger following in states that are not home to professional teams. Last Sunday, I met with a player (I am not allowed to release his name) who was entertaining offers from both the LXM Tour and the MLL, and he said that, “The MLL is basically a glorified adult league, that is little more than a branding platform for your camps and clinics”. While I am inclined to agree with him, I must also say that LXM is as well. This is not the NFL, where every player makes a minimum of $400,000. This is a sport where players make most of their money through camps and promotional events, and are very dependent on a fan following to boost their appeal to sponsors. This is the bottom line: Both leagues have their individual merits, but are also very similar; players are playing the same game, using the same technique, coming from the same place, and (more or less) using games to boost their image to earn more money in the long run. So, in conclusion, I think MLL players need to shut up for a minute and consider that the LXM could be a viable career choice, and a rather brave choice at that. Leave your opinion in the comments section below.

This article was written by new blogger Parker.  Let us know your thoughts below.