StringKing Lacrosse Performance Mesh Review

StringKing Lacrosse

A lacrosse company started by local New England lacrosse players, Jake McCampbell and Luke Aronson started StringKing Lacrosse in 2011. McCampbell played his college lacrosse at Bowdoin, while Aronson played at Yale. Rounding out the StringKing team is Kevin Clopeck and Jeff Cutter. Also, all four of these guys played high school lacrosse at Medfield.

StringKing Lacrosse is a company dedicated to perfecting the lacrosse pocket. According to their website, “they researched tension and knot physics, varying fabric properties, pocket dynamics, sidewall elasticity and much more.” All of this research has helped them develop “the most superior mesh in the world.”

We received a few Performance Mesh kits from StringKing this spring. Here are our impressions.

Right away, we noticed that the mesh had a good feel to it. It wasn’t overly cottony, too stiff, or too soft. The performance mesh was just right. The kits came with a piece of performance mesh, sidewall, shooter lace and a shooter cord.

When I began to string the pocket, the first thing I noticed was how easy the performance mesh stretched out. I didn’t have to wet it or do anything else to it prior to stringing it. The performance mesh stretched out perfectly. The shooters that came with the kit are very similar to hockey laces, but are a little thicker. A first for me was the shooter cord that came in the kit. I usually use either a piece of sidewall or top string for a shooter. Instead, StringKing has an actual shooter cord. The shooter cord has a little different weave from a sidewall and a top string, with a little elasticity to it which is nice. They also give you an additional shooter lace, but smaller, to use for the bottom of your pocket when tying it off.

Once the pocket was strung, it was time to break it in. I will say this pocket broke in very quickly. I took it to practice, and after shooting on our goalies and doing some feeding, I was impressed. The performance mesh immediately formed a nice channel for the ball to come out of and it didn’t stretch much. We have tested some mesh in the past that immediately bagged out and required a good amount of tightening after a first use. This performance mesh is great, and after using it at a few more practices, the pocket is still great. Overall, the performance mesh from StringKing is a great mesh pocket. This is a product that I would recommend to anyone. They already have a few college teams and players using their performance mesh right now. I have already recommended the StringKing performance mesh to my team.

If you want to try StringKing Lacrosse’s performance mesh for yourself, you have two options. The performance mesh can be purchased direct through their or at any ComLax store or online at