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As most of you know, wax mesh has taken the lax world by storm. Numerous companies have their own “wax blend”, quick break-in time, and water repellent or resistant, mesh. Chillax Customs not only has all three of these necessities in the wax mesh game, they also customize each piece to the player’s wants and needs, ONE-on-ONE! They bring the custom wax mesh to a whole new level.

I reached out to Nick at Chillax Customs to see first hand what all the hype was about. I thought to myself if we were going to do “custom”, let’s go big. I asked if we could do a “Star of David” like the one on the Israeli Flag and like Jesse Schwartzman had in his goalie set up a while back. No problem he said! Check out the pictures of it all strung up! Thanks to Nick over at Chillax Customs! Stay tuned for the follow up blog on it stands up against the rest!!

Chilllax Customs Q & A

How did the idea of custom dyed wax mesh start?

When I started coaching a year ago, I had to re-string heads quite often. I ordered some mesh in bulk, and after seeing all this hype and growth in the market, I figured this is a great business opportunity at doing something I love as well as an opportunity to give the market more options of products to choose from. Now, A year later after a lot of experimenting, here we are today!

How does your product compare to the growing market of wax mesh companies?

Well I had never gotten my hands on any of the other companies mesh until I was at the US Lacrosse convention this past weekend, and got a chance to go incognito and see what others had to offer. I won’t say names, but I’m not a fan of the “sticky” waxed mesh, which gets dirty too easily and the stickiness eventually wears off. The   “rubber” coated “pre-fabricated” mesh tended to leave spots in areas where the spray missed the mesh (i.e. black mesh had white specs in it). Additionally, you could also see the stringiness of the rubber that dried and wasn’t taken off. Overall, it looked tacky and messy, which did not impress me with any of them. I also noticed that none of them had any custom work added.  It was just your simple 1-2 color fade dye that everyone else offers.

I met up with Connor Wilson of Laxallstars.com and he gave me an update on how my mesh was doing, since I had sent it to him a couple months ago.  The feedback he gave me was great!  He said that after he ran it threw hot water and got the excess wax off, he really liked how much wax remained infused in the mesh while retaining its softness and consistent performance. He says that  my product still performs fantastic to this day and doesn’t stiffen in the cold, but yet still repels water. Despite the different coatings out there, my products are completely custom designed to a specific player’s desires and needs.

How can customers purchase your product? How custom can they get with each individual piece?

Customers can purchase our mesh online at, www.chillaxcustoms.com. They can also contact us via email at info@chillaxcustoms.com. Our website has various custom pieces for viewing and order. At ChilLAX Customs, we simply don’t take no as an answer, as we will tailor each order to our customer’s needs. This, as well as 100% complete one-on-one customer service and input, is what sets us apart from our competition.

Any particular piece of mesh you recommend as for diamond size?

I can only say I’ve used traditional 15mm. I just strung up a couple of heads, one with 20mm and the other with 6 diamond, and have yet to use them in game-type scenarios. Once I get a couple games played with them I will be sure to get a review on our YouTube channel in the near future.

Are you a fan of the new NCAA stringing head rules?

The stringing rules aren’t too drastic, you just have to find different strategies and tactics on how to string your stick in order to obtain that “channel” (now that “U’s” and “V’s” are no longer allowed). However, the multi-colored mesh rule is a little confusing and unnecessary. The one thing I love about lacrosse is the ability to express yourself from the way you play all the way to what your stick looks like.  Because of this, the inability to So, not being able to have your own custom multi-colored mesh is still a puzzle to me. But, what can you do right?

What is your game stick? Head, dyed mesh, stringing style?

I am currently using an STX Super Power on a Titan Pro and have used the STX Proton line my whole lacrosse career.  They’re great heads and never have given me a reason to try anything else. It has the original prototype American flag on it and haven’t changed it in a year. Though,  I am thinking about giving it a little makeover with some spectrum mesh, or maybe a new design that I’ll come up with.  For stringing, I like to set myself up with a mid to mid-high pocket with about a 4-5 on the whip scale, just enough to hold the ball while I crank a worm burner. As for the shooting strings, the straight shooters have really grown on me.  For field, I like to do 3 straights, and box 4.  Just because in box you’re in closer quarters and need that extra hold, but yet that extra shooter to help make it a smoother release. Honestly, I saw Mark Matthew’s stick and figured I would give it a shot. Now, I know why most box players have their stick set up that way!

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