Nexus Lacrosse

Nexus Lacrosse was founded by Mark Schindler, a Baltimore native. He is a product of the St. Paul’s School (MD), and played collegiately at Wesleyan University. Mark began his coaching career as an assistant at his alma mater, the St. Paul’s School. After coaching at St. Paul’s, he moved on to the Hampton Roads Academy in Virginia, where he coached for five seasons before moving on to Mercersburg Academy in Pennsylvania, finishing his first season there last year.

What separates Nexus Lacrosse from other programs

After talking to Mark about Nexus Lacrosse, I would say the directed and quality instruction given will separate Nexus Lacrosse from other programs. Nexus will provide developmental lacrosse opportunities for elite pre-varsity players. Their goal is to develop skills in the off-season without club/tournament games, and their focus is on the importance of continued development and instruction. Nexus wants to provide college-level skill, technical and tactical development for players who currently play at the highest level within their age group.

Nexus Lacrosse started as a backing for a camp, but has grown into so much more. Their Select Training Academy is Nexus’ first program. The goal of the Select Training Academy is to infuse tradition and fundamentals back into the game of lacrosse. Their target audience is experienced, rising 6th – 9th graders. Nexus wants to prepare them for varsity and college level lacrosse. Again, Nexus Lacrosse isn’t a summer camp; it’s a training academy. A training academy where you will learn skills, techniques and tactics that you never knew existed.

Here are the coaches for the first Select Training Academy:

Mike Conklin, who played at Hobart, is currently an assistant coach at Mercersbury Academy and will work with the attack.

Nick Wilbur, who played at Hobart as well, is currently an assistant coach at the Kent School (CT) and will work with the midfield.

Dave Barker and Greg Lynch will work with the defense. Barker played at Bowdoin College and is the founder of Southwestern Youth Lacrosse Association and Brunswick (Maine) Youth Lacrosse Association. Lynch played at Colby College and is currently an assistant coach at Mercersburg Academy.

Porter Hayes, who played at Denison University, is currently the varsity coach of girl’s lacrosse at the Pomfret School (CT).


The summer of 2013 will mark the initial “Nexus Lacrosse: Select Training Academy,” hosted at Mercersburg Academy (July 31 – August 1, 2013). Mercersburg Academy is a great host for the Select Training Academy, with its ten fields, air-conditioned dorms (Select Training Academy is an overnight experience), and its outstanding facilities. The Select Training Academy provides an opportunity for elite players entering 6th through 9th grade to receive superior instruction in a “pure lacrosse” environment. The three-day session is designed for dedicated young players who wish to best prepared for varsity and college-level lacrosse in a concentrated environment and without the distractions of team paraphernalia and politics.

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