Review of Reeboks V1X BLACK Handle

We here at NE Lax Blog were lucky enough to receive the new Black line from Reebok Lacrosse as part of our gear review.

We are going to start the gear reviews off with the new handle from Reebok. The handle is called the V1X, which Reebok partnered with True Temper to produce. According to Reebok, the handle was designed and engineered for the elite lacrosse player. The handle is the perfect combination of weight, durability and feel. They also say that it is the most balanced handle on the market, which results in the best strength-to-weight ratio.

Reebok's V1X BLACK Handle
Reebok’s V1X BLACK Handle

After using the handle a few times, I can back up what Reebok says about it. I have used handles in the past that were too heavy, and ones that were way too light. The Black V1X handle is right in the middle.

The handle can also stand up to stick checks. Playing field lacrosse inside can get rough; those small spaces allow for a lot more stick checks. The handle held up great, no dings or dents, and the graphics are still there.

The feel of the handle is great. It isn’t like a regular metal handle that is slippery, but it doesn’t have a grip texture to it and it isn’t tacky. The shape of the handle is reminiscence of an old school shape but the sides are pinched in just a bit. The slight pinch gives your thumbs a great place on the handle to get a grip and feel.

The sides are pinched slightly
The sides are pinched slightly

The Reebok Black V1X is a great handle. The folks at Reebok did a nice job when partnering with True Temper. That partnership could bring some good things to Reebok Lacrosse. This is a handle that I love and I would definitely recommend to others.