Epoch’s Future Designs

Epoch’s Future Design Concepts the Lacrosse World Has Yet to See

Epoch Lacrosse was at the US Lacrosse Convention in Philadelphia a few weekends ago, they hosted an appointment only meeting for dealers and press. Epoch has and continues to push the envelope as a leader in lacrosse technology. With that said, they were excited to showcase their new and innovative future design concepts for this coming year and beyond, including their carbon fiber Dragonfly LX-1 shaft and their alloy Mettle AX-1 shaft.

Dragonfly LX-1
The Dragonfly LX-1 will be the lightest shaft on the market to date. This design concept takes performance and playability to a whole new level. At an extremely light 99g, the LX-1 utilizes top of the line carbon fiber material and Epoch’s proprietary Advanced Carbon Fiber Layering (ACL) technique to create a shaft never before seen or felt in the lacrosse market.

The LX-1 is a design concept that totally surpasses any and all previous attempts of creating a light shaft. Epoch’s engineers share in their passion, and although this particular shaft is still in development and is a few years away from production, Epoch is determined to create the world’s best performing shaft.

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Mettle AX-1
Conventional alloys are bound by the direct relationship between durability and weight. By introducing a new “process” during production, Epoch has learned how to evade physics and traditional Metalology. The Mettle AX-1 shaft will be 30″ and will weigh 156 grams (structure weight). Using the top grade materials, this shaft will be anodized and finished using Epoch’s proprietary carbon treatment. The Mettle AX-1 will be available for purchase in 2014.

Epoch Lacrosse Unveils 2014 Prototypes at US Lacrosse Convention

The Dragonfly R60 XL
The Dragonfly R60 has redefined what a d pole is and should be. Lightweight and durable, with a relaxed concave geometry and a crazy amount of Flex, the Dragonfly R60 has become a favorite among the top players in the game. Not only that, but the shaft is backed up by Epoch’s top of the line one year warranty.

The new Dragonfly R60 XL builds upon the revolutionary R60, using additional material to increase the durability by 12-14%. The Dragonfly R60 XL has been reengineered for larger players or for those who prefer a shaft with a little more mass and weight. Despite the additional mass and materials, the Dragonfly R60 XL is lighter than most d poles in the game.

The Dragonfly R60 XL will be available for purchase in 2014.

The Dragonfly C60 

As stated above, The Dragonfly R60 has change the way a defensive player can play the game. The Dragonfly C60 builds upon the success of the R60, offering a new concave geometry, giving defensive players an opportunity to choose a d pole that feels right for them. The Dragonfly C60 was designed for for players who prefer a more traditional feel. With over 24 months in development and using a unique Auto-Clave manufacturing method, the Dragonfly C60 offers the same Dragonfly performance with a more standard shape.

The Dragonfly C60 will be available for purchase in 2014.

The Dragonfly R60-SG

The Dragonfly R60 with Spaghetti grip, or the Dragonfly R60-SG, takes a standard R60 and adds a raised, spiral grip on the bottom 12″ of the shaft. The Dragonfly R60-SG is an experimental design that is only available on a carbon fiber shaft. The spiral grip on the bottom 12″ provides a tactile awareness to improve hand placement during game play as well as more control and torque when playing. This shaft is still in the prototype phase, however lab testing and initial field testing has produced positive results.

More Epoch Prototype Handles
More Epoch Prototype Handles